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(insert maniacal laughter here)

(insert more maniacal laughter here)

step one to world domination: be born.
step two to world domination: smile.
step three to world domination: laugh.
step four to world domination: roll over.

my plan is well on it's way.
i've been using the laugh on the troll and she-demon for a couple of weeks now.
(the troll and she-demon being eethree and bloody_princess )
they love it.
it makes them so happy.
they are very good minions.
and it's wonderful when my plan also rewards them.
it makes it all so easy.
and today i nearly rolled over.
the troll was exstatic.
and the she-demon was upset she missed it.
i waited until she left the house.
and then i refused to show her.

i'm so evil.
but i'm so cute too.

(insert much more maniacal laughter here)
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