goblin_child (goblin_child) wrote,

Day 2

The hospital moved me, the She-Demon and the Troll today. We left the cold, large, bright room I was born in into a small, hot, quiet room... shared by some weirdo's who don't even speak the same language the Troll and She-Demon speak.

They expect me to learn to speak, when so many languages are being spoken around me? Silly silly people.

Some nurse took me last night and hurt my foot. Note to self, kill her when I rule the world. Better idea, kill all nurses who hurt babies.

Another person stuck stuff in my ears that made a real nice sound.... she had to come back many times.... something about too much mucus in my ears still. Thats what she thinks, I just wanted to hear that sound more.

More feeding by the She-Demon, more abusing the dumb Troll's protectiveness. Got him to carry me around the hospital by pretending to cry.

I think the She-Demons breasts don't make enough milk... I never seen to be satisfied.
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